Our Story

At Martellus we believe in the power of connection. To connect organizations with talented and experienced Experts. And to connect industry-leading Experts with flexible and meaningful work.

It started by listening, as most good ideas do. Natural conversations with friends and colleagues in high-level positions revealed that many wanted to do the work they loved, but on their own terms. Others in the corporate world needed something different – deep expertise to solve business problems, fast.

Enter Martellus. Our aim was to find a solution:  to pair seasoned, hand-picked Experts with companies in need of their specific skills.

It struck a chord.

We now have dozens of Experts working with corporations nationwide. Companies benefit from our Experts’ proven experience and ability to make immediate change. And our Experts are able to achieve balance and do important work.

That’s one great connection.

Warm Regards,

Rosa Sabater

Our Name

“Martellus” is the name of the map used by early explorers to circumnavigate the globe, named for the famous mapmaker Henricus Martellus Germanus. At a time when making a wrong turn meant certain disaster, explorers relied on “Martellus” as a guide and trusted source of information.