Don’t Answer the Call: How Fewer Contacts Increases Customer Satisfaction

Re-Thinking Call Center Investment    The conventional wisdom is that investing in call centers increases customer satisfaction. In some circumstances, that’s true.  Most of the time, though, reducing costs actually results in increasing customer satisfaction. While this may seem counter-intuitive, most customers don’t want to call anyone these days and are annoyed when they have to take […]


The Importance of Internal Branding

This month, we examine how internal branding can build brand love, turn your employees into advocates, and boost the bottom line. While companies spend millions of dollars on external communications, many overlook one of the most important components in establishing brand love and loyalty: Internal branding. Taking the time to ensure that you have a […]


Content Marketing…The New Rules

With traditional marketing channels drying up and consumer attention increasingly fragmented, content marketing is key for brands to reach their core audience. Many, though, are not seeing the success they hope for. One common mistake is confusing content marketing with advertising. The rules of the game are different. Messaging that is consistently too product-focused rather […]