Planning is the Past; Co-Creation is the Future

Over the last two years, I’ve facilitated about 20 planning meetings across a range of industries and disciplines and have completely changed my perspective on what makes for transformative planning. Ask me five years ago, when I was responsible for a large organization, and I would have said the three keys to an effective planning […]


Agile is Changing How We Work

As businesses continue to try to keep up with the pace of change in consumer behavior and the constant pressure for new and better products, an increasing number are turning to an agile model. Four of our Experts with deep experience in agile discuss why this matters and what you need to know for successful […]


AI is Coming

Welcome to the April issue of Martellus Matters. One of the questions we hear being asked in boardrooms across companies concerns what impact AI will have and how best to prepare for it. We tapped a leading professor and author in the field as well as our own Martellus Expert for their practical advice on what […]